If you’re looking for a solid foundation, look no further than our range of H5 lathed piles. Their exact diameter top to bottom and straightness make lining up easy and accurate.

We list our most commonly stocked items.  If you need specialty products we can easily source or manufacture goods to meet your requirements

H5 treated piles

  • H5 1.8m x 150mm
  • H5 1.8m x 200mm
  • H5 1.8m x 250mm
  • H5 1.8m x 300mm
  • H5 2.1m x 150mm
  • H5 2.1m x 200mm
  • H5 2.1m x 250mm
  • H5 2.1m x 300mm
  • H5 2.4m x 150mm
  • H5 2.4m x 200mm
  • H5 2.4m x 250mm
  • H5 2.4m x 300mm
  • H5 2.7m x 150mm
  • H5 2.7m x 200mm
  • H5 2.7m x 250mm
  • H5 2.7m x 300mm
  • H5 3.0m x 150mm
  • H5 3.0m x 200mm
  • H5 3.0m x 250mm
  • H5 3.0m x 300mm
  • H5 3.3m x 150mm
  • H5 3.3m x 200mm
  • H5 3.3m x 250mm
  • H5 3.3m x 300mm
  • H5 3.6m x 150mm
  • H5 3.6m x 200mm
  • H5 3.6m x 250mm
  • H5 3.6m x 300mm